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Ocean Star Tours
  • Ocean Star Tours

    Ocean Star Tours

  • Full day Dalat biking tour 'Dalat on bike'

    Full day Dalat biking tour 'Dalat on bike'

  • Golf Vacation in Vietnam

    Golf Vacation in Vietnam

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    Explore Central Highlands Tour


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Vietnam is a country any serious traveler should visit at least once in their life. Its natural settings, its religious monuments, its local markets, its people, its cuisine, and its beaches are the main reasons for visiting, and more.
If you look at the map of Vietnam, you will see what the country looks like. There are two ways to visit Vietnam: starting in Hanoi, and going South or starting in Saigon, and going to the North.

When to Go to Vietnam and Climate:

The best season to travel to North Vietnam is during the hot summers, from May to October. Winters in the North are cold and cloudy. In the mountainous regions in North Vietnam (Sapa), it may be freezing during winter. Central Vietnam wet season is from December to February. The south has two main seasons: the wet from May to November and the dry, the best season to travel from December to April. The hottest season is from February to May.

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  • Adventure Tours

     Adventure Tours

    Adventure Tours Vietnam , has more tours and packages, to more places for even better value for money than other travel agent in...

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  • Vietnam Veteran Tours

     Vietnam Veteran Tours

    TOP (Tours of Peace) Vietnam Veterans is a nonprofit humanitarian organization, providing programs to help veterans and families heal and recover from the trauma of the...

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  • Cao Bang Hiking Tours

    Cao Bang Hiking Tours

    Despite the huge variety of facilities and methods of transport available to the modern day traveller, in the end, there is nothing to beat the oldest travel method of all - walking!...

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  • Honeymoon Tours

    Honeymoon Tours

    We want to make this experience as romantic and memorable as possible, we know that the first impression lasts forever, so you will be met and gret with flowers and welcome dinner on...

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