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Dear Ben,

Many thanks for your concern regarding my back home. My apologies writing to you today only, as I had to stay for one day in China because of ChinaAirlines mistake. However, I was not disappointed absolutely, as I just back from a great trip in Vietnam which has been organized by your company.  

The whole trip was made absolutely perfect! Thank you so much for such interesting excursions in every city. Still can't forget fantastic Halong Bay cruise overnight on board, cosy Hoi An city, and great bicycle trip in HCMC with Thoa. 

Before I haven't knew about you, but it is definitely not the last one since you really have great hotels, very friendly travel guides, and excellent service. I will definitely recommend your company to my friends.    

Best regards to you and whole Customer Service Team. And specially to the travel guides who had always been with me and helped in every situation - Kien in Hanoi, Tan in Hoi An, and Thoa in HCMC. 

Faithfully yours,

Yulia Bachurina.

The Best Holiday in Vietnam

Dear Ben,

WELL DONE!! You found us SUCH a great services at a fantastic price..for the second time. We and some of our family booked through you at the end of April, and we were pleased then, but this time you excelled yourselves!! We will be booking with yourselves again for sure, and have also recommended you to many of our friends as you have proved so reliable. THANK YOU !!

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